Fish processing capacities on a rise in Kamchatka

Vyvenskoye LLC, a resident of the Kamchatka ASEZ (Advanced Special Economic Zone), has completed the second stage of reconstruction and technical re-equipment of coastal fish processing facilities in the village of Vyvenka in the Olyutorsky district of the Kamchatka Territory, reports the Russian Far East and Arctic Development Corporation.

Also, the investor specializing in salmon fishing and processing has built a modern dormitory and a canteen. According to the agreement with the Corporation, a total of about 420 million rubles have been invested in the project, 243 jobs have been created.

"The new equipment allowed the company to manufacture value-added products meeting the international quality standards, which is confirmed by international certificates of compliance with MSC and EU standards," said Elena Vlasenko, Chief Accountant of Vyvenskoye LLC. – Freezing and desalination plants purchased from Russian and foreign manufacturers, a line for continuous processing of salmon, fish pumps and other production equipment, allowed us to bring the processing of raw materials to 320 tons per day after the completion of the first stage of the investment project."

The vacuum pumping unit for lifting fish, commissioned in 2018, continuously feeds fresh raw fish for processing. The bunker department of the processing line, the installation of which was completed in 2021, provides fast and high-quality sorting of the entire volume of raw materials received at the plant.

The updated capacities of the plant make it possible to produce about 6.5 thousand tons of products of several types per season: sockeye salmon, chum salmon, coho salmon, chinook salmon and pink salmon in frozen blocks and IQF, salmon caviar in sacks and salmon milts.

Elena Vlasenko also said that the status of a resident of the Kamchatka ASEZ allowed the company to significantly reduce the time for the project’s implementation as well as financial costs. Doing business in special economic conditions provides for lots of preferences, including those in taxation and in the form of reduced rates of insurance payments. The project of the Vyvenskoye company received the status of a TOP resident after the conclusion of an investment agreement with the Russian Far East and Arctic Development Corporation in 2018.

Commenting on the completion of the reconstruction of the fish processing enterprise, Marina Yakutova, General Director of the Corporation, noted the overall high volume of private investments in the Kamchatka fisheries complex, emphasizing that it is the basic branch of the regional economy. The region provides more than 30 percent of all-Russian fish and seafood production. The annual volume of catch by Kamchatka enterprises for 45 commercial species reaches 1.6 million metric tons.

"The Vyvenskoye fish processing plant is one of many enterprises of the fishing industry of the peninsula that rely on measures of state support for business accumulated by the territories of advanced development and the free port of Vladivostok in the implementation of investment plans," Marina Yakutova said. – Only recently, high–tech enterprises of the Fishing Collective Farm named after V.I. Lenin, Kamchattralflot LLC, Vityaz - auto LLC, Ukinsky Estuary LLC have been put into operation. The listed projects have the status of residents of the ASEZ."

Residents of the Kamchatka ASEZ are implementing 121 projects under agreements with the Russian Far East and Arctic Development Corporation. In fact, business has invested 35.1 billion rubles in the region's economy, created 6.4 thousand jobs, and 33 projects have been fully implemented.

Kamchatka ASEZ is an area in the Kamchatka Territory where a special legal regime has been established for the performance of entrepreneurial and other types of activity, which is designed to create favorable conditions for attracting investors and to accelerate social and economic development.

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