Russia's salmon catch went over 600 thousand MT

October 6, 2023 17:00

By October 3, 2023, the volume of Pacific salmon production in the Russian Far East exceeded 600 thousand metric tons — the catch has already surpassed the results of several recent years.

Historically the current catch can be compared the year 2018 when the nation’s fishermen harvested more than 670 thousand MT through the season.

This year as per October 2 Kamchatka has caught over 490 thousand tonnes of Pacific salmon, Sakhalin. more than 63 thousand MT, Khabarovsk Territory — over 28 thousand MT, Magadan - more than 14 thousand MT, Chukotka – ca.1.2 thousand MT and Primorsky Krai — about 1.6 thousand MT.

Autumn is the traditional period of chum salmon fishing. As of October 2, the chum salmon catch in the Russian Far East has exceeded 70 thousand tonnes.

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