Good results for Russian fleets in Atlantic cod and mackerel fisheries in January- August 2021

September 7, 2021 00:39

In August, the Russian fishing vessels harvested 128.3 thousand tons of aquatic biological resources in the Atlantic Ocean and in the South Pacific, which is 4.6 thousand tons more than caught in July, reports

The progress of selected fisheries is covered below.

According to FishNet, in the Barents Sea, bottom trawling for cod and haddock was carried out by up to 57 medium-tonnage and up to 19 small-tonnage vessels from Murmansk joined by 2 Kaliningrad trawlers in late August. The fleet operated in the area of the Spitsbergen (Svalbard) archipelago (74% of the catch in this type of fishing) and in the Russian EEZ (26%).

From the beginning of the year to end of August, 274.0 thousand tons of cod (the remainder of the quota – 28.9%) and 58.0 thousand tons of haddock (the remainder of the quota – 44.4%) were harvested in the Barents Sea versus 240.7 thousand tons of cod and 59.0 thousand tons of haddock caught for the corresponding period of last year.


The shrimpers in the Barents Sea caught 11.8 thousand tons of shrimp since the beginning of the fishery versus the possible catch of 39.8 thousand tons. In January-August last year, 18.1 thousand tons of this species were harvested.

Snow crab opilio

Since August 9, in the Russian zone of the Barents Sea the crabber "Murmansk 1" owned by "Antey Sever" LLC resumed fishing for the snow crab opilio. Since the beginning of the fishery, 13057 tons were caught versus the TAC of 13250 tons. As per August 31 last year, 10569 tons were caught.

Red king crab

On August 21-22, the vessels of "Antey" LLC began fishing for the red king crab in the same area. By the end of the month, 321 tons of this species were harvested by 3 vessels versus the TAC of 10940 t. In 2020, fishing for this type of crab was started on August 17, for the period of August 17-31, the catch was 136 tons of the red king crab.

In the open part of the Norwegian Sea (NEAFC regulatory area), 26 trawlers were fishing for mackerel. The fishing situation was generally favorable. The catch for August amounted to 57.8 thousand tons of fish (+12.2 thousand tons), including mackerel with 95% and blue whiting with 5%. Since the beginning of the fishery, 107.4 thousand tons of mackerel were harvested in this area versus the Russian quota of 122.4 thousand tons. In 2020, as per August 31, the catch was 102.9 thousand tons of mackerel.

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