Fishermen will be able to catch more than 300 thousand tons of herring in season B

August 19, 2021 10:20

Specialists of VNIRO Pacific branch (TINRO-Centre) have prepared seasonal forecast “Feeding herring-2021”. The document was created on the basis of data from many years of resource research of the Far Eastern branches, analysis of field and other statistics, reports.

According to TINRO-Centre, traditionally, the document includes information necessary for fishermen - forecast of the synoptic and hydrological conditions in the autumn-winter period, the state of stocks of the main populations, recommendations for fishing, product standards, as well as an overview of domestic and foreign product markets.

The ice situation and cyclonic activity development forecast meets to the average long-term scenarios.

The stock of the most numerous population, the Okhotsk herring, is in a stable condition, and due to the appearance in recent years of a number of medium and high-yielding generations, an upward trend exists. The TAC remainder for season B is about 187 thousand tons. This value is higher than the average long-term values, therefore, for full utilisation, a larger fleet will be required.

The remainder of the Gizhiginsko-Kamchatka herring for the autumn-winter season is no more than 4 thousand tons, which may well be mastered by 1-3 vessels.

The total allowable catch of Korfo-Karagin herring for 2021 is approximately 46 thousand tons, the stock is kept in a stable condition.

For the East Bering Sea herring, the recommended catch is established, which for 2021 reaches 79 thousand tons.

It should be noted that scientists are interested in small populations of herring, some of which (Sakhalin-Hokkaido herring, South Kuril, Terpeniya Bay) have shown steady growth in recent years, so it is possible that their fishery may increase in the coming years.

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