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Russia’s top producer of farmed fish reported increase in financial results for 2023
March 22, 2024 10:20

PJSC INARСTIСA, the largest Russian company in the commercial aquaculture, announced audited financial results for the year 2023.

RFC young specialists got the professionals bronze
December 8, 2023 16:23

The Russian Fishery Company team successfully competed in the nationwide final of the Professionals Championship, held from November 24 to 28 in St. Petersburg. RFC sailors participated in the Operation of Water Transport Vessels category among young specialists and secured bronze medals at the Championship.

Kuril Islands build new Pacific salmon hatcheries
January 9, 2023 10:58

Russian fish company Continent has launched a new Svetlana hatchery for breeding Pacific salmon broodstock on the Iturup Island of the Kuril Archipelago.

New crabber launched in Petrozavodsk
December 21, 2022 16:54

On December 9, 2022 at the Onega Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Plant in Petrozavodsk (Republic of Karelia), the Captain Egorov crab was launched. This is the second vessel of the design series CSa 5712LS, which the plant is building by order of the largest Far Eastern crab fishing company "Russian Crab". The construction is carried out within the framework of the state program of investment quotas aimed at updating the domestic fishing fleet and improving the efficiency of the development of valuable national bioresources.

Russia’s Longliner Association enhancing its MSC certificate
December 19, 2022 16:19

The Interregional Association "Longline Fishery" has successfully passed the second control audit under the current MCS certificate and continues to expand its scope of activities. International sanctions have not stopped this process.

Russian Crab Group of Companies has certified its crab fishery under MSC standards
December 6, 2022 16:03

Russian Crab Group of companies has confirmed its crab fishery compliance with MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) standards for sustainable fishery.

The first crab processor "Captain Manzholin" for the "Russian Crab" Group launched
November 10, 2022 23:07

On November 10, 2022, the Captain Manzholin crab processor, a vessel of the CSa 5712P design series, which is being built by order of the Russian Crab company, was launched in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia.

Russian Crab Group to tap the Middle East market
November 10, 2022 22:49

Russian Crab Group, the largest crab harvesting company in the Far East, participated in the 39th Saudi Agriculture-2022 International Agro-Industrial Exhibition, which was held in Riyadh from October 17th to 20th, according to the company.

The Udarnik refterminal from Norebo will become one of the largest in the transshipment of fish products and comprehensive maintenance of the fishing fleet
October 8, 2022 22:58

The Norebo Group of Companies is implementing a project for the construction of a modern refrigerated terminal in the Murmansk Region. Udarnik will become one of the largest terminals for transshipment of fish products and comprehensive maintenance of the fishing fleet. The terminal participates in the implementation of the project "Northern Sea Route" and is included in the territory of advanced development "Capital of the Arctic".

Newbuilding supertrawler to process 450 tonnes of fish per day
February 7, 2022 15:44

Georgy Meshcheryakov, a new high-tech supertrawler built at the Turkish shipyard, has arrived in Kamchatka to work for her owner - one of the region’s largest fishing companies Okeanrybflot.

RFC announces the preliminary results of 2021
January 13, 2022 11:04

By the end of 2021, the Russian Fishery Company will master more than 90% of the Pollock catch quota, despite the challenges faced by the industry. The volume of the RFC’s quota for the Pollock catch in 2021 amounted to 302.3 thousand tons.

Started sea trials of the lead Russian supertrawler for the Russian Fishery Company
December 20, 2021 15:10

Sea trials of the Kapitan Vdovichenko, the first vessel in a series of supertrawlers to be built in Russia for the Russian Fishery Company (RFC), have started at the Admiralty Shipyards (St. Petersburg).

Russian Aquaculture announces 9m 2021 IFRS financial results
December 6, 2021 14:21

Russian Aquaculture PJSC (the “Company”), the largest Russian company in the commercial fish farming (aquaculture) sector, announces its unaudited consolidated IFRS financial results for the nine months ended 30 September 2021.

Antey celebrates its 30 years
November 22, 2021 16:35

In November 2021 Antey Group of Companies based in Vladivostok celebrates its 30-year anniversary, reports

RFC and Daisui signed long-term agreement to develop surimi sales in Japan
November 9, 2021 15:59

Russian Fishery Company (RFC), Daisui (Japan) and the exclusive distributor of the RFC in foreign markets Pacific Rim Group (PRG) signed a long-term agreement on cooperation in promoting and developing sales of products from Pollock surimi supplied by the RFC on the Japanese market.

Russian Fishery Company plans massive sales of pollock fillet and surimi in China
October 13, 2021 16:25

Russian Fishery Company (RFC) and the largest import and export company COFCO Food Import have signed a letter of intent aimed at promoting and developing sales of pollock fillets and surimi in the Chinese market of RRPC.

Leading salmon producer reports surging harvest and sales
October 8, 2021 16:12

Russian Aquaculture PJSC (the “Company”), the largest Russian company in the commercial fish farming (aquaculture) sector, announces its unaudited consolidated IFRS financial results for the nine months ended 30 September 2021, reports

Happy end for Pollock Catchers Association in anti-trust case
September 24, 2021 15:39

The Federal Antimonopoly Service has stopped the case against the Vladivostok-based Pollock Catchers Association (PCA) and its members, the proceedings initiated last year at the request of the Russian Fishery Company (RFC), reports

RUB 1.5 billion project to include processing plant and RAS trout farm

ROK-1 Group, a major value-added processor based in St-Petersburg, will be at least doubling its output by building a new processing plant and a RAS trout farm in the surrounding region, reports

Third factory trawler floated by Russian yard for NOREBO Group
September 24, 2021 14:09

The Northern Yard based in St-Petersburg has floated the newbuilding factory trawler Kapitan Ostashkov for NOREBO Group. The vessel was ordered by member company JSC "Karelian seafood", reports

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