User agreement

User Agreement

Hereby Site Administrator offers to any adult individual, acting in his own or other persons' interest, hereinafter User, to use services provided by Administrator on

The present offer is a Public offer according to the Paragraph 2 article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter - Agreement), creation of the User account or switch from one page of the Site to another means full and absolute accept of the offer according to the article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. The Agreement is not concluded if the User accepted the Agreement under reservations.

Use of the Site by the User means that the User accepts and undertakes to observe the below mentioned terms of the present Agreement.

1. Basic terms.

For the purposes of the present Agreement the terms used in the present Agreement shall be interpreted as follows:

1.1. Site - complex of web-pages in the Internet united by common theme, design and common address space of the domain Welcome page of the Site is placed in the Internet at the address

1.2. Site User (User) - any person accessing the Site through Internet.

1.3. Site Administrator - FISHNET Ltd.

1.4. Site Administrator and Site User hereinafter shall be called «Parties».

1.5. Site Administration (Administration) - persons empowered by the Site Administrator to control and manage the Site and perform other actions in connection to its use. Site Administration act on behalf of the Site Administrator, unless otherwise disclosed separately.

1.6. User Account (Account) - User's personal page, accessible under access details. Contains information about the user and Content created by the User. The account may contain personal and contact details of the User, including but not limited to surname, name, patronymic, postal and e-mail addresses, texts, photos, video, age, and interests.

1.7. Content - information, including texts, reviews, comments, announces, photos, video, including news and other materials, left by the User on the Site under his Account.

2. Administration disclaimer.

2.1. Site is only a means of information transfer and Administration shall not be responsible for its accuracy and actuality.

2.2. The User, who provides Administration with information for placement on the Site aiming at closing deals, shall be responsible for it. Administration shall not be responsible for deals that are or will be closed between Users according to the information placed on the Site by Administration.

2.3. Administration shall make all efforts to eliminate from the Site inaccurate, offensive, false or knowingly incomplete information.

2.4. Administration shall not be responsible for reliability of personal details provided by the registered Users.

2.5. In case the User finds information while using the Site materials that contradicts the Laws of the Russian Federation, he shall immediately stop using the Site and inform the Administration about such information. Administration in its turn shall delete such information and in case of absence of breach of Laws of the Russian Federation and the present Agreement shall not undertake any action.

2.6. Administration doesn't guarantee that the software, servers and computer networks used by Site are free from mistakes and malwares. Administration shall not be responsible for loss of data or damage of equipment during Site use.

2.7. Administration shall not be responsible and liable for damage caused to the User as a result of interaction between the User and advertiser and / or advertisement presence in the services.

2.8. Administration or its representatives shall not be in any way responsible in respect of Users or any other third party for any damage, including missed profit or lost data, damage to life and health, honor and dignity or business reputation, caused by use of Site, contents of Site or other materials, to which Users or other persons got access by means of Site, even if Administration warned or informed about possibility of such damage.

3. Administration has right to:

3.1. Change at any time the Site interface, its Content, list of services; add or change at any moment with or without preliminary notification software, other objects, any server applications used or stored on Site;

3.2. If necessary send messages to Users concerning Site use through e-mail.

3.3. Change the terms of providing Account or terminate its action (temporarily or permanently) with or without preliminary notification;

3.4. Change or delete any Content, violating the present Agreement, and suspend, limit or terminate access of User to all or any of the Site services with or without preliminary notification;

3.5. Implement additional limitations for the Site use and change such limitations at any time.

4. User has right to:

4.1. Place Content not contradicting the laws of the Russian Federation and terms of the Agreement;

4.2. Address the Site Administration in order to solve contradictory issues or to get help during Site use;

4.3. Use all editorial and user Site Content, if such use isn't aimed at profit receipt.

5. User shall:

5.1. Provide during registration correct, accurate and full information that can be requested by Administration by means of Site registration forms;

5.2. Undertake all necessary measures to provide security of personal login and password for access to the Site;

5.3. Bear full responsibility for any actions committed by the User under his Account, and for all consequences of such use;

5.4. Abide by rules of the present Agreement, in particular avoid forbidden actions on Site and not breach the policy of Content citing, copying and distribution.

6. It is forbidden to the User by the present Agreement to:

6.1. Collect and / or keep personal information about other users for commercial purposes. In particular to collect e-mail addresses or another contact information of Site users by automatic or other means, including the purpose of unsanctioned e-mailing (spam) or distribution of another unacceptable information;

6.2. Use automated scripts (programs) for collection of information and / or interaction with Site and its services;

6.3. Request passwords and another identification information from other Users for its illegal use and also for commercial and lucrative purposes;

6.4. Try to get access to another User Account by any means, including hacking against will of the User it belongs to;

6.5. Use the Site by the way that can interfere with normal functioning of Site and its services;

6.6. Place any files that contain or may contain malware;

6.7. Register more than one Account for one User;

6.8. Play, copy or duplicate Account, provide third persons with access to his Account and initiate assignment of rights to the Account;

6.9. Forge technical data or in other way manipulate with information with the purpose of concealing or replacement of the origin of Content, transferred during using Account;

6.10. Importune, oppress, offend, pursue or otherwise malignantly disturb any person or legal entity - Site User;

6.11. Download, publish and otherwise transfer the following Content:

6.11.1. illegal;

6.11.2. offensive regarding other users and third persons;

6.11.3. vulgar, indecent, pornographic;

6.11.4. business or confidential;

6.11.5. under exceptional rights of third persons;

6.11.6. breaching exceptional rights of third persons;

6.11.7. containing personal data of third persons without their consent;

6.11.8. aiming at breaching, destruction or limitation of function of any software, hardware or telecommunication equipment;

6.11.9. advertisement, and correspondence, spam, «chain letters», invitations to participate in pyramid investment schemes or otherwise imposing services;

6.11.10. containing information about commitment of illegal actions or instructions on commitment of illegal actions, describing or propagating criminal activity, and also instructions or guidance on commitment criminal actions;

6.11.11. propagating animal abuse;

6.11.12. propagating inflicting of personal injury or damage to any Governmental body, person or legal entity, including among other instructions on construction of explosive devices, explosive components, incendiary compounds, and other types of weapon and means of destruction;

6.11.13. containing threatening, libelous, discrediting information;

6.11.14. of fraudulent character;

6.11.15. propagating racial, religious or ethnical hatred or conflict, any other information breaching the rights of man and citizen protected by law;

6.12 Place any other information that is unwilling according to the opinion of Administration, doesn't correspond to the goals of the Site, breaches the interests of the Users and for others reasons is unwilling for placing on the Site.

7. Rights for the Content placed on the Site.

7.1. All the objects placed on Site including elements of design, text, graphics, illustrations, video, scripts, programs, music, sounds and other objects and their collections are objects of Administration exceptional rights;

7.2. By placing his Content on Site the User provides Administration with non exclusive license for its use by any means, including use by means of review, presentation (including copying), processing (including copying) and other rights if not in order to receive profit and if such use doesn't damage or can not damage the Administration interests;

7.3. User shall not place on Site (download or in other way make available to the public) information containing on other sites, in databases and information of other objects of exceptional rights without expressed consent of the right owner for such actions;

7.4. Any use of Site and Content except use the goal of which is not profit receipt, is forbidden;

8. Rules of use of materials placed on Site.

8.1. Any use of Site materials without evidently expressed written consent of Site Administration is forbidden.

8.2. The use of materials with written consent of Site Administration is allowed if the User abides by the following terms:

8.2.1.Mentioning of the source of material - Site, and in case of placing materials in Internet - mentioning of hyperlink to the Site page with the placed materials.

8.2.2.The original text adaptation during materials presentation is forbidden. Reduction or rearrangement of parts of materials is allowed only if it doesn't lead to the materials sense distortion.

8.2.3.While use the materials in press digests the revision is forbidden if it leads to sense distortion.

8.2.4.The User shall be responsible for the materials sense distortion resulting from their incorrect presentation.

8.2.5.Including messages in RSS-mailing fully duplicating Site materials is forbidden.

8.2.6.Consent for materials reprinting can not be distributed on materials of informational agencies that are reprinted on Site under license.

8.2.7.If the name of the author or right owner is placed in ALT margin or legend under a photo or illustration one should address directly these persons regarding their presentation.

9. Using the Site the User shall not breach and shall not attemptto breach the Site informational security, including:

9.1. Access to any information not intended for User use or entering the system under login not belonging to this User;

9.2. Attempts to check the Site security system sensibility, breach of registration and authorization procedure without Administration consent;

9.3. Attempts to clutter Site use by other Users including malware distribution, deletion, data corruption, constant e-mailing of repeating information, e-mailing through Site server, simultaneous sending of big amount of e-mails and / or Site requests in order to intentionally disable the server and other actions exceeding normal sanctioned Site use that can intentionally or unintentionally lead to server failure;

9.4. E-mailing to the Site Users of information they didn't agree to receive, «spam» and advertisement e-mailing without Administration consent;

9.5. Imitation and / or forgery of any TCP/IP packet header or any other part of header in any e-mail or material placed on the Site;

9.6. Use or attempts to use any software or Site navigation or search procedure, except Site integrated search machine and traditional and public browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and others).

9.7. Breach of system or computer network security leads to civil and criminal responsibility. Administration will investigate all the cases of probable security violation by Site Users together with competent bodies in order to terminate such malicious activity.

9.8. Administration shall do utmost to avoid unsanctioned use of Users personal information.

9.9. Administration shall not be responsible for probable unauthorized use of Users personal information, that happened because of:

9.9.1.technical problems in software, servers or computer networks beyond the control of Administration;

9.9.2.outages in the Site work because of intentional or unintentional Site use by third persons for purposes other than intended;

9.9.3.providing other persons that are not registered users of the Site or other Users that do not have access to this information under the terms of registration and agreements with Administration with passwords and information from Site by Users.

9.10. By using the Site the User agrees that Administration has a right to use his personal information anonymously and in general for the purpose of statistics and targeting of advertisement placed on the Site.

9.11. Administration shall not provide personal data of the Users to persons and organizations, claiming of possible unauthorized use of such information (e-mailing of unsanctioned advertisement, «spam», providing other persons with information, etc.), except cases provided by actual laws of the Russian Federation.

9.12. Administration shall not be responsible for probable unauthorized use of the Site information by registered users or other persons and / or organizations that happened without notification of Administration with breaching of or without informational security of the Site.

10. Advertisement

10.1. User accepts and agrees that all the Site services or any part of them can be accompanied by advertisement. By using the Site the User accepts the Administration right to place such advertisement without preliminary notification and compensation to Users. The character and quantity of advertisement placed on Site are determined and changed at the Administration discretion.

10.2. Administration is not a party in the relations between User and advertiser and doesn't bear responsibility for breach of obligations emerging from their relations.

11. Final provisions

11.1. The present Agreement is concluded between User and Administration concerning the order of use of Site and its services, is definite and complete and terminates all the previous agreements between User and Administration;

11.2. The present Agreement is governed by the laws of the Russian Federation. All the issues that are not settled by the present Agreement shall be resolved according to the laws of the Russian Federation.

11.3. In case one of several points of the present Agreement don't have legal force, the Agreement is applied in the part that doesn't contradict the laws of the Russian Federation.

11.4. Administration has a right to change the Agreement and these changes enter in legal force since the moment of publication of new edition of the Agreement on Site. The further use of Site by the User after including of such changes shall mean acceptance of such changes.