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http://www.megafishnet.com/ is a global fish and seafood marketplace with an emphasis on APPROVED SUPPLIERS from such major sources as China, Russia, Vietnam, Europe, Americas, etc.

To help source fish, the portal maintains a unique SOURCING SYSTEM where fish products can be displayed by sellers to best advantage and sorted by customers to their specific requirements while an enquiry form with the selected items can be generated for buyer's convenience by clicking on the "basket".

The portal also runs seafood information service, fish and shellfish TRADING BOARD and SEAFOOD DIRECTORY of fishing companies, exporters, importers, processors, distributors, etc. sorted by approvals, product, type of activity and country.

Along with global reach, Russia will remain the portal's special as we will continue publishing Russian vet update, overview of seafood exports from the Russian Far East, overview of Moscow's freshfrozen fish market, monthly onboard production of seafood by Russian fishing companies, monthly catches of Russian fishing companies as compared to previous months, accumulative catches of Russian fishing companies and weekly seafood prices in Moscow's big multiples, etc.

Since 2001 FISHNET® has also been publishing the Russian-language information bulletin Fish Courier PROFI which is circulated among the Russian subscribers (true elite of Russian fish business) every week.


http://www.megafishnet.com/  has taken off in early 2010 as an off-spring of and based on the success of Russia's leading seafood portal https://www.fishnet.ru/ (some 90 000 unique visitors and 800 000 pageviews per month)  which was established by an independent fishery publisher Alexander Makarov (founder of FISHNET Ltd) back in 2000 to gain an undisputed leadership in Russian-language fish internet.

Mr. Makarov founded the business after a career in Murmansk as sales manager of MORETRON Marine Electronics Sales and Service ltd (agents for SIMRAD of Norway, Racal-Decca of UK, etc) and many years of contributing to Fishing News International, Seafood International, etc.

In 1998 partnership was also established with Copenhagen-based FAO EASTFISH (now EUROFISH).